Loyalty and Gift Cards Announcement - 4Top Hospitality
Loyalty and Gift Cards Announcement - 4Top Hospitality
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Loyalty and Gift Cards

An update regarding our loyalty and gift card program from our family of restaurants


As some of you may already know, we sold our interest in Anjou and Sombra restaurants in January 2022.

Anjou is still operating with long time proprietor Anne Amelot-Holmes, who is now co-owner. Sombra’s team is being managed by co-owner Joseph Ellis and General Manager Alex Watkins. The ownership transition has necessitated a phase out of the loyalty program being offered at Sombra and Anjou restaurants, previously part of the 4Top Hospitality group of restaurants. You may still accumulate points and redeem your loyalty rewards at both Sombra and Anjou restaurants through September 12, 2022. Beginning September 13, 2022, points may only be earned and redeemed at visits to Amerigo, Char and Saltine restaurants.

Additionally, Anjou and Sombra will continue to accept all 4Top gift cards, including cards purchased at Amerigo, Char or Saltine through December 31, 2022. Gift cards that have been purchased at Sombra and Anjou bearing any of the 4Top member restaurant logos displayed on the back of the card will be accepted at Amerigo, Char and Saltine through the end of 2022. Beginning January 1, 2023, Anjou and Sombra gift cards purchased under the 4Top program will no longer be accepted at Amerigo, Char and Saltine.

Anjou and Sombra will both be offering new gift cards redeemable at their respective locations only in the coming weeks. These cards will not be redeemable at Amerigo, Char and Saltine.

We thank you for your loyalty to 4Top Restaurants, Anjou, and Sombra. We all look forward to seeing you soon!